Old HT setup,

My Home cinema setup :
Projector :Sony VPL-VW95ES 1920x1080 with Grobi tuning
Screen :2.24 meter wide Davision Multiformat 4D with electric masking for 2.35:1, 16:9 and 1.85:1
Front speakers :B&W Nautilus 803
Rear speakers:B&W Nautilus 803
Center :B&W Nautilus HTM1
Subwoofer :Velodyne DD15
Amplifiers :Classé SSP800 v3 with DSP HD board and HDMI1.4 board
Chord SPM2400 5 channel amplifier 5x135W
Classe CA5100 5 channel amplifier 5x100W
HD mediaplayer :Dune Base3D: Sigma 8672 based media player with hotswap harddrive bay
Popcorn VTEN: media player for 2160p and HEVC, Sigma SMP8757 1.2Ghz ; VXP scaler. Using Arm Cortex A9
Dune Base 3.0 media player, with 750GB harddisk (Bedroom)
BluRay-player:Oppo BDP-95US, region free and US modded by JVB
TV :Samsung 46ES8000 46inch LCD TV Livingroom
Sony KDL-40W5500 40inch LCD TV for bedroom
Sony KDL32V2500 32" for attic
cable TV recorder HDHumax iHDR5200 + Humax HD5000 for bedroom
remote control : 2x Philips Pronto TSU9400 + Pronto RFX9600 serial wifi extender
cables analog:Nordost Blueheaven (Bluray analog 5x -> Preamp + stereo)
5x 1.5m W&M BC-01 XLR cable between pre-amp and power amp
W&M BC-01 XLR cable between pre-amp and subwoofer
2x 1m Cardas Crosslink XLR between Oppo and pre-amp
cables digital:Nordost spdif cable, Transparent premium digital coax
cables video:High quality 10 meter HDMI cable (grobi), Monster M1000, M750 (2x)
cables speaker:Kimber 8TC loadspeaker cable (3x 5meter) + 2x 12 meter no-name 4mm2

Sony VPL-VW95ES projector:

Classé SSP800 pre-amp/processor:

Chord SPM2400 5 channel power amp:

Classé CA5100 5 channel power amp:

Complete setup :

Complete setup (previous):

Bluray SACD DVDAUDIO DVD player Oppo BDP-95 with region free hardware pro-mod

Dune Base3D :

Popcorn VTEN :

Davision multiformat 4D 16x9